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auto Repair Diagnostics in Reseda, Encino, CAHas the check engine light in your vehicle come on recently? You may think it’s nothing if your car is driving fine, but this warning is there for a reason. Your car’s computer is constantly monitoring the performance of your vehicle’s systems.

If an issue arises in one or more of your engine’s systems, dashboard lights come on to notify you that there is a problem. Ignoring the check engine light can lead to drivability problems, such as component failures and engine damage.

Be safe and have a professional look at your car if:

  • Warning lights on the dashboard are on or flashing
  • The engine or transmission performance is sluggish
  • Steering is wandering
  • Your brakes are pulsating

Performing pinpoint testing to determine the real problem

At Reseda Automotive, we have the experience, training, and tools needed to properly perform a full diagnostic check on your vehicle. The first step we take involves scanning your vehicle’s onboard computer. This allows us to retrieve computer codes, freeze frame data, software version information, sensor data, and status information.

We will then perform several verification tests including:

  • Engine vacuum / back pressure
  • Engine timing, mechanical and electrical
  • Ignition testing
  • Fuel system
  • Emissions

As required by all manufacturers, we will begin pinpoint testing of your car to accurately determine the problem. We perform electrical and mechanical tests, bi-directional control tests, and inspections of suspicious areas. We also check waveforms of the applicable sensors..

Once we have isolated the problem with your vehicle, we will then perform the appropriate repairs. If parts are needed, our replacement parts will always meet or exceed manufacturer’s standards.

Every car is then tested again to insure a long lasting repair.